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The First Christmas

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I remember well walking into our living room on that first Christmas morning with my husband to open our Christmas presents, and the feeling of utter grief washing over me as we faced Christmas without our baby.   We sat together … Continue reading

21 December 2017 by admin
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Continuing a Pregnancy – waiting for Jennifer

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When I discovered I was pregnant, it was Christmas Eve. This was our first baby and the first grandchild. The excitement of the first kicks came at eighteen weeks exactly. On the Monday of Holy Week I grew anxious that … Continue reading

16 July 2015 by admin
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What NOT to say to someone after a miscarriage…

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My husband and I lost our baby towards the end of our first trimester. It was a complete shock when we went for a scan and saw that our baby didn’t have a heartbeat. We had what is known as … Continue reading

22 June 2014 by admin
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My Miscarriage Diary

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March Four weeks ago we discovered I was pregnant. I am diagnosed with a blood clotting condition which is linked to miscarriage. We have had three previous losses over the years. We are delighted however and are trusting God as we embark … Continue reading

06 October 2013 by Judith
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Bringing Daniel Home: A Letter of Encouragement

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Congratulations on being matched with your wee boy!   We were matched with ours 3 years ago and the adoption went through shortly afterwards. Our son, Daniel, was 18 months old at the time.    I remember it being such … Continue reading

26 June 2013 by Grace
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Facing Infertility

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Infertility.  The word holds a multitude of connotations.  Some may feel indifference towards it – it has never touched them, never entered their vocabulary and possibly never will.  To others, the word brings with it a tidal wave of emotions: … Continue reading

19 June 2013 by Sarah
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God’s Invitation

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God’s will is a difficult thing to fathom. We know that it is never God’s intention for a child to need a new home. Indeed, amongst the joy of adoption, there is always an element of grief – for relationships … Continue reading

21 November 2012 by Sarah
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In The Fullness of Time

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I can’t believe I started this journey more than two years ago. Two years and I’m still not finished. But I’m closer—much closer.

09 May 2012 by Daphne
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Our Journey

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Like all little girls, I grew up playing with dolls and fussing over babies. I even took my love of children a step further and working with children became my career. I spent all day working in nurseries and my … Continue reading

09 May 2012 by Heather
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Room for More …

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It was raining, and we were deliberately late. We didn’t really expect her to turn up, but there she was outside the station as pre-arranged with her umbrella and hold-all, so we took a deep breath and forced smiles, took … Continue reading

09 May 2012 by Miriam
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